Think of your floors as a “fifth wall” connecting all your design elements. When choosing a colour scheme it is important to consider wall colours, window treatments and other furnishings as well as the mood that you wish to create in the room. When it comes to carpet selection, colour can be the key to transforming your space.

Colour affects the way we perceive space – it can, for example, create a mood, make ceiling appear higher or lower, square up or narrow the space and make the most of interior architecture.

To cozy up a large room with a northern or eastern exposure, choose a dark colour carpet – particularly from red and orange end of spectrum. Deep, rich hues absorb light, which means they give the illusion of a smaller, more intimate space.

Conversely, choose a carpet that’s light in tine to expand a small space. Light and neutral shades reflect light, causing an area to appear larger. As well, light colours – particularly in the green and blue end of the spectrum – help to cool sunny southern and western exposures.

The choice of colours available to you is virtually endless, making carpet an ideal tool that enhances the beauty of any décor. Colour is reflection of your tastes and personality so be sure to choose something that suits you, sets the right tone for your room and most importantly makes you feel comfortable.

Colours inspired by nature like blue and green tend to be restful and soothing. Vibrant, lively colours or traditional jewel tones are preferable for formal rooms.

In your final decision remember a floor is a large area – and a whole floor of carpet will intensify the colour, making it seem darker than a small sample.