Saxony Plush

Saxony Plush is a dense level cut pile of about one-half inch or less. It has a tight twist in the yarn. Yarn tufts are closely packed, presenting a rich, pinpoint definition and smooth luxurious surface. This style will show footprints and shading as part of its styling effect. Saxony plushes are among the most elegant and are generally used in rooms of a formal setting.


Textured Plush

Textured Plush is also a level cut pile carpet, but the yarns are textured to ^ted l00^ Not ^ f°rmal 3s Saxony plush this construction is tough enough for any room. This style will minimize footprints and is very popular because of its rich surface finish.


Frieze & Hard Twist

Frieze & Hard Twist styling is a smart choice for any high traffic area. The tightly twisted heat-set yarns curl back on themselves, creating a distinctive nubbly or curled appearance. Frieze and hard twist wear very well and minimize footprints.


Level Loop

Level Loop pile carpet is made with tufted loops of the same height. It has a tight, pebbly surface that can take hard wear and hide footprints. Soil tends to stay on the surface, making it easy to clean.


Multi-Level Loop

Multi-Level Loop is made with thick nubby loops in a multi level construction creating unique designs and patterns in natural colourations.


Cut and Loop

Cut and Loop pile combines the effect of a Saxony carpet with a tracery loop patterned effect. This combination creates a carved or sculptured effect.


Berber Styled

Berber styled carpet is made of thick tufted loops that create a very nubbly surface, and is often designed in geometric patterns. Berber wears extremely well, is easy to clean and ideal for informal settings.


Sisal Look

Sisal look carpet provides the perfect natural backdrop which emulates other materials such as natural wicker, jute, sisal and seagrass.